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Building blockbuster biotech companies leveraging science from Japan



Focus on Japanese science and innovations, a significant scientific arbitrage opportunity



Maximize value creation and capture by building companies in the top global ecosystem for biotech



Syndicate with top global venture investors to maximize success, and bring attention to Japanese science



Capacity Bio is developing a portfolio of small molecule mitophagy inducers.
Typewriter Therapeutics is developing an RNA-based gene writing therapeutic platform.

Stealth Company

This portfolio company is currently in stealth mode. Please check back for updates.


AN Ventures implements “Science2Startup (S2S) Japan” program

Program aims to help top technology seeds in the life science field develop practical applications
Tokyo, March 1, 2024

AN Ventures, in collaboration with CIC Institute, Delight Ventures, The University of Tokyo Edge Capital Partners, and the Life Science Innovation Network Japan, is implementing the "Science2Startup (S2S) Japan" program. This initiative aims to bridge top technology seeds in the life science field as they develop practical applications.

AN Venture Partners Selected as a Certified Venture Capital Provider for AMED’s Strengthening Program for Pharmaceutical Startup Ecosystem Initiative

Tokyo, February 29, 2024

AN Venture Partners (ANV), a global biotech venture capital fund, is pleased to announce that it has been selected as a certified venture capital ("certified VC") partner for supporting biotech and pharmaceutical startups, as part of the fiscal year 2024 Strengthening Program for the Pharmaceutical Startup Ecosystem Initiative (“Strengthening Program”) being implemented by the Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED). ANV has signed a certification contract with AMED and will operate as a certified VC provider.

Typewriter Therapeutics secures $5 million in financing; RA Capital Management and AN Ventures lead investor syndicate

Cambridge, MA and Tokyo, Japan, February 27, 2024

Typewriter Therapeutics, Inc., an emerging leader in the development of innovative gene therapies for severe genetic disorders, today announced a $5 million seed financing from new investors AN Ventures and RA Capital Management, as well as existing investor ANRI.

【Event Summary】US‑Japan Collaboration to Drive Innovation in Japanese Biotech Ecosystem

Hosted by AN Venture Partners with support from the US Embassy in Japan

AN Venture Partners, a global biotech venture capital fund, hosted an event with support from the US Embassy in Japan on December 4, 2023, to bring attention to US-Japan cross-border developments in the areas of start-ups and life science innovation.

AN Venture Partners Announce the Addition of Takashi Futami, Ph.D. as Partner

SAN FRANCISCO & TOKYO, July 26, 2023

AN Venture Partners, a global biotech venture capital fund, today announced the addition of Takashi Futami, Ph.D. as Partner. Dr. Futami will join the fund’s leadership team, which includes Ken Horne, Managing Partner, and Ari Nowacek, M.D., Ph.D., Operating Partner, who remains a Partner at ARCH Venture Partners.